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Director, Operations Continuous Improvement

  • Brought on-board by Delta’s COO, Gil West, to establish Operations Continuous Improvement department.
  • Developed and drove process improvements in support of Delta’s operations.
  • Identified key process improvement opportunities, evaluated constraints, provided solutions to alleviate the constraint to improve processes; worked with cross-business unit teams to implement the process changes.
  • Presented to the COO and his direct reports, and then presented to 200+ directors, managers, and front-line leaders from Delta’s major hubs (Atlanta, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, Tokyo).
  • Led the team using TOC-LSS to improve flow of pilot training; identified savings of 30 days of training time per class and $6M annually.
  • Led the team Implementing changes at Atlanta airport which led to a 9.6% improvement in short-turn departures
  • Led the team re-engineering vendor catering facility resulting in over 75% improvement in delay rates and record-breaking number of zero-day catering delays.